Federal Election 2021:
Make Healthcare a Priority

Take action before September 20

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed our healthcare system beyond its breaking point, as the system provided care to the overwhelming number of COVID-19 patients, while endeavouring to maintain care for all other patients.

More than ever, we must work together to make our voices heard. Thousands of patients and lives depend on it.

This is why the Canadian Psoriasis Network is working with CONECTed and several Canadian patient organizations to come together to demand a clear commitment to significant funding for health care and services and equal access to primary healthcare professionals and the best available medications.

election 2021

Having local candidates hear directly from patients is very powerful.

Advocating for change has never been simpler and will only take you a few seconds.

Regardless of ability to pay, or where they live, Canadians should not be reliant on “the postal code lottery.” All Canadians deserve to have health care placed at the center of the commitments of our future government.

Click this link for guidance in writing your letter to your candidates. Your name, email and postal code a letter will be sent automatically.