Highlights from Baring It All: Final report from a survey on reproductive and sexual health in women+ with inflammatory arthritis, rheumatic, and psoriatic diseases.

We heard from over 400 people with inflammatory arthritis, rheumatic, and psoriatic diseases who identify as female (women+) to understand their reproductive and sexual health concerns. They shared their experiences and insights regarding contraception, family planning, menopause, sexual health, and parenting.

Key Recommendations Are:

  • Healthcare providers should advise patients about the risks and challenges of parenting including mental health, fatigue, pain, and genetic or hereditary risks.
  • Interdisciplinary care that includes support from nurses and allied health professionals such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and massage therapists should be incorporated as part of standard care.
  • Patient organizations should collaborate with rheumatology and dermatology experts to develop informational materials about parenting.
  • Healthcare providers should collaborate with patient organizations to develop information about accessing services and resources in their community to support them as parents.