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So I Think I Have Psoriasis

Are you concerned about an issue with your skin? Don’t know what it is, who to ask or where to go for help?

If you suspect you have psoriasis or another skin condition, the best place to start is to consult a primary care provider, like your family doctor or nurse practitioner.

You can also check out this site. It provides general information about psoriasis and related conditions as well as information about how to connect to a primary care provider and other existing resources to get you started on getting help!

Acknowledging and addressing any concerns that you have with your skin can be scary, annoying, and embarrassing for some people. It can also be a relief to find out more information and to begin to understand your situation and to get help if you want it.

Knowing that you’re not alone and having some information and tools for getting started talking to your health care professional can help!


Where To Start

It is important that you speak with a primary care provider (e.g., family physician, nurse practitioner) to address any skin concerns you have and to get a proper diagnosis and support if you do have psoriasis.

Talk to your primary care provider to receive medical assessment of your condition. If you are not seeing a dermatologist already, ask about a referral to a dermatologist.

You must first get a referral from a primary care provider to book an appointment to see a dermatologist in Canada.

If you do not currently have a family physician or nurse practitioner, the following may be your options:


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Prepare for your first appointment

Your physician needs reliable feedback from you on your symptoms to ensure that you receive the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Life with psoriasis

Psoriasis can impact every aspect of an individual’s life, including one’s ability to work and maintain relationships.