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Who is Affected by Psoriatic Arthritis?

Men and women are affected by psoriatic arthritis equally, although research has found that women with psoriatic arthritis report more severe disability and overall reduced quality of life when compared to their male counterparts. Women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy also have important considerations in terms of treatment as some medications used to treat psoriatic arthritis must be avoided or require further consideration in these circumstances. An informed discussion with one’s physician is essential for women in this case.

Psoriatic arthritis typically appears between the ages of 20 and 50 years although onset can happen at any age. The diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis in children or youth is called psoriatic juvenile idiopathic arthritis or juvenile psoriatic arthritis. Unlike their adult counterparts, children with psoriatic arthritis commonly develop symptoms of arthritis 2-3 years prior to evidence of psoriasis on the skin. Children and youth can have relatively mild psoriatic arthritis while others may have a more severe condition that can last into adulthood.