A recent report on the reproductive and sexual health of women+ with inflammatory arthritis, rheumatic, and psoriatic diseases suggests that mental health is an often neglected aspect of care. ​​Though the vast majority of survey participants worry about the impact of their condition on their mental health, only 16% of participants identified having a mental health professional as part of their care team.

Key Recommendations Are:

  • Healthcare providers should encourage collaborative discussions with patients to enable shared decision making about pain management and mental health.
  • Healthcare providers should ask regularly about pain to support patients and understand the impact of pain on their lives.
  • Governments and medical schools should work to increase education and knowledge about pain among medical students.
  • Healthcare providers should screen patients for mental health issues.
  • Interdisciplinary care that includes mental health support from psychotherapists and social workers should be considered part of essential care.
  • Patient groups should develop and share mental health resources with the patient community.