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Accessing Phototherapy in Canada

Medically supervised phototherapy is often recommended as a treatment for plaque psoriasis given its effectiveness, low cost, and relative safety. Despite this, medically supervised phototherapy can be difficult to access for many patients. Supervised phototherapy units are only available at select dermatologist offices and health care centres in Canada. As such, many patients would need to travel to receive treatment, which can be a significant barrier to phototherapy. Furthermore, many patients require multiple phototherapy sessions per week to treat their psoriasis. The need to attend multiple sessions each week at a dermatologist or health care center with a phototherapy unit can be a practical barrier to receiving phototherapy.

Home phototherapy units are available in Canada. Home phototherapy units can be expensive and are often not covered by private insurance at this point in time. If you are wondering if home phototherapy may be an appropriate option for your psoriasis, ask your dermatologist. If you would like to know if your private insurance plan covers home phototherapy units, contact your insurer for the most up-to-date information.

According to the Canada Revenue Agency, eligible medical expenses you can claim on your tax return include the amount paid to buy, use, and maintain phototherapy equipment for treating psoriasis or other skin disorders.

Last updated November, 2021